Jun 302011

Chicago DJ/Artist collective Only Children have just released their first EP on their own label, Nuclear Family. The single is called “Don’t Stop” and it has a DFA meets New Order kinda vibe. Surprised I haven’t heard this one getting more hype to be honest. It’s very good.

シカゴのDJ/アーティストの集まりであるOnly ChildrenがファーストEPが自分達のレーベル、Nuclear Familyからリリース。”Don’t Stop”というシングルはDFA meets New Order的な感じが漂っていて、あんまり注目されていないのが不思議。すごい良いですよ!

Only Children – Don’t Stop [Download Exclusive 160!]

They’ve also managed to pull in a mouth-watering selection of remixes….


Crazy P provides some retro-funky disco beats.
Crazy Pはレトロなファンキーディスコビートを加えてくれましたよ。

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Crazy P Remix)

Mighty Mouse‘s take is cutesy and very, very, very bouncey.
Mighty Mouseのはかわいくて、跳ねる感じもとても良い。

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Bit Funk‘s remix is totally pushing the Nyan Cat waves.
Bit Funkの方はNyan Cat wavesを感じさせられるリミックス。

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Bit Funk “Nyan Cat Waves” Remix)

However, it’s the Hey Champ remix which just edges it as our favourite. It makes the track ridiculously catchy.
こんなに色々素敵リミックスがあるけれど、その中でも一等賞なのがHey Champ。ものすごいキャッチーになっております。

Only Children – Don’t Stop (Hey Champ Remix) [Stoney Roads has a download yo!]

Pick up the release on Beatport.


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  1. Totally agree with TMS about “Only Children – Don’t Stop (Hey Champ Remix)” catchiness!!!

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