Jun 292011

Rogue Vogue is the new project of Thomas Mountebank, a hugely mysterious figure in the the Chicago night-scene. If you were to ask somebody in Chicago, “Who is Rogue Vogue?” they will know, but they will not say. If you were to say, “Who is Thomas Mountebank?” though, they would say, “Some bro who has a passion for bringing funky-electro house back to Chicago. You should download his tunes from that Too Many Sebastians blog, they are cool“.

Rogue Vogueとはシカゴのナイトシーンで話題のミステリアスなThomas Mountebankの新しいプロジェクトで、シカゴに知り合いのいる人は是非”Rogue Vogueって誰?“と聞いてみましょう。きっと知ってるけど多くは語らないはず。そして”Thomas Mountebankって誰?“って聞いたら答えはきっと、”シカゴにファンキーエレクトロをカムバックさせようとしている人だよ、Too Many Sebastiansでトラックダウンロード出来るから絶対チェックするべきだよ“って返ってくるでしょう。

Rogue Vogue – Sunshine’n [Download]

Rogue Vogue – Breezy [Download]

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