Jun 242011

salmSomethingALaMode are French electro-classical duo Thomas Roussel and Yannick Grandjean. We like them ALOT. We like them so much that we spent a very long time trying to buy their album (it was only out in France in one shop..) and paying a little bit more than was reasonable for it. It is now really easy to buy the album, we highly recommend you do so.

SomethingALaModeはThomas RousselとYannick Grandjeanによるフランスのエレクトロ・クラシカルなデュオで、私達はかなり好きです。アルバムが欲しくて探していたんですが、結果的にかなりの時間とちょっとお金も費やしてやっと買えました。(フランスでも一店舗でしか売って無かったみたいです)でも今は簡単にゲットできるようなので是非お勧めします。

We were very excited to hear they had a new EP on the way, the title track is called “Show Me”. It’s quite a good track up until the point some rapper starts screeching about “Getting Up and Getting Down” (musical chairs?). Maybe we know NOTHING about rap, maybe his “flow” is amazing. However, we believe it to be pretty irritating and a massive distraction from the main attraction, the music.

新しいEPがやってくる聞いた時はとっても楽しだったんですが、”Show Me”というこのトラックはどっかのラッパーが”Getting Up and Getting Down”っ始まるところまではなかなか良いっていうちょっと残念な感じ。ラップの事はなにも知らないので、実はすごい良いのかもしれなけれど私達はちょっと理解できないかな・・ラップはなくてよかったんじゃないか、とばかり思ってしまうのでした。

SomethingALaMode feat. Lexicon – Show Me (Original EP Version)
“Instrumental version plz”

Thankfully, the EP features another original. Which in our opinion SHOULD be the single because it’s utterly fantastic and the reason why we like them so much. It also has vocal, but it’s spoken word and is actually part of the structure of the track. If their next album has more like this on it, we are very excited.


SomethingALaMode feat. Rinko Kikuchi – Versailles No Bara (Original EP Version)

Available on iTunes.


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  1. Sounds like batman or something at the beginning!

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