May 252011

Ghosts Of Venice + Bit Funk can only =omg that is a pretty huge dancefloor mayhem awesomeness of a tune and it’s 7 minutes long too! Wow.”

Ghosts Of Venice + Bit Funk=”めっちゃノリノリの素敵ダンスフロアキラーチューン、しかも7分もあるし!WOW!”

Bit Funk – She’s Got Two Hearts (Ghosts Of Venice Remix) by Bit Funk

Out now on Beatport. Full single out June 29!

既に Beatportにて発売中。そしてシングルは6月29日リリースです!

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  1. Always nice to see my work* pop up on blogs I’ve followed for a while… :)
    *The rear photo in the montage.

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