May 242011

For the last two months the guys over at Tuff Em Um/Trashbags have been running a remix competition for their boy, Chilean wonder producer Barretso. The competition is now closed but the winner gets to feature on Barretso’s forthcoming “Celeste” Ep and a pair of Wesc headphones, which is pretty neat.

ここ2ヶ月間Tuff Em Um/Trashbagsにてチリ人プロデューサーBarretsoのリミックスコンテストを開催していました。締め切りは過ぎたようですが、勝者には”Celeste”EPに参加出来る、というのとヘッドフォンが付いてくるようです。素敵。オリジナルはこの下でチェック↓。

This is the original….
Barretso – Chase \ ‘CELESTE’ EP TEASER. by BARRETSO

Two remixes we were sent and liked….


Barretso – Chase (Mjolnir Remix) by soundofmjolnir

Barretso – Chase (Ugly Kids Remix) by uglykids

And to prove we aren’t lazy and just rely on our inbox we searched through the 60-odd remixes (omg! so many bang0rs, it was hard work) and found this remix….


Barretso – Chase [LaLaDisco Remix by PinkRammy] by PinkRammy

If none of these guys make the shortlist I will be super-shocked!


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