Apr 122011

The latest Mighty Mouse ‘Mousecast/Mixtape/etc’ is a collection of all their remixes, edits and originals. It’s kind of staggering that they’ve kept the quality so high. Being prolific and good is probably quite a hard thing to do. If you aren’t aware of Mighty Mouse yet, this is also a great way to become aware of them too. Cannot wait for Part 2!

Mighty Mouseの最新’Mousecast/ミックステープ/的なもの’は彼らのリミックス、エデット、そしてオリジナルのコレクションになっていて、そのクオリティの高さにはいつもびっくりです。もしもMighty Mouseを知らない人がいたらこれを機に絶対チェックしてほしいです。そしてPart2が待てない!

MOUSECAST 03 – Mighty Mouse MIXTAPE ‘Remixes, Edits and Originals’ (Part 1) [Download]

Tracklisting –
1. Gorrilaz – ‘Superfast Jellyfish’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
2. Beyonce – ‘Smash Into You’ (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Remix)
3. Chris Coco – ‘Summertime’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
4. New Wine – ‘Bridge’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
5. Tareq – ‘Feel Me’ (Mighty Mouse Vocal Remix)
6. City Reverb – ‘Time Side On’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
7. Blamma! Blamma! – ‘Beyond 17′ (Mighty Mouse Lost Space Instrumental)
8. Mighty Mouse – ‘Smiling Faces’ (Not So Official Vocal Mix)
9. Bent – ‘Always’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
10. Books feat. Jose Gonzalez – ‘Cello Song’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
11. Sweet Sweet Lies – ‘Day I Changed’ (Mighty Mouse Instrumental)
12. Ali Love – ‘Love Harder’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
13. My Toys Like Me – ‘Sweetheart’ (Mighty Mouse Dub)
14. The Aikiu – ‘Just Can’t Sleep’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
15. Detachments – ‘Circles’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
16. Robortom feat. Au Revoir Simone – ‘Paganini Rocks’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)
17. Shy Child – ‘Open Up The Sky’ (Mighty Mouse Remix)

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  1. totally impressed with the accessibility of the music. gr8 listen ^~^

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