Mar 232011

Poolside is a duo from LA whose track “Do You Believe?” was the opening for The Magician’s “Magic Tape Seven” earlier this year. So, you may be familiar with it. It’s just been released by Aussie label Future Classic and is one those “Can’t wait for the summer!!” types of track, very chilled slow disco, perfect to enjoy sunshine with (too bad I’m still surrounded by snow). There are also remixes courtesy of Midnight Magic, James Curd and Cosmic Kids. My favourite is James Curd one, he added even more summery flavour.

ロスのデュオPoolsideは今年の初めにThe Magicianの”Magic tape seven”で彼らのトラック”Do You Believe?”がオープニングトラックとして使われていたので知ってる人もいるかもしれません。そして今回そのトラックがリリースされましたよー。雪国にいるので悲しいですが、夏が待てない!ってな気分にさせられるトラックで、天気のいい中聞くにはピッタリなスローディスコになっています。そしてリミックスにも注目です。参加してるのは、Midnight Magic, James Curd, Cosmic Kidsで、特にJames Curdのは更に夏っぽくて素敵。買う価値ありありのリリースです。

Poolside – Do You Believe? (Original) by future classic

Poolside – Do You Believe? (James Curd Remix) by future classic

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  1. Filip Nikolic (the guy on the right) has also an excellent solo career and he plays for Ima Robot, used to play for Junior Senior (r.i.p) and he used to make some killer electro with Johnny Love under the name Guns ‘n Bombs. He’s incredibly versatile and definitely very talented. I strongly suggest that you dig into his music.

  2. Not a fan of Turbotito. Know who Guns ‘n Bombs are. Check the archives ;-).

    This track is very awesome though. Looking forward to more.

  3. It is so steezy. I have had it on repeat ever since Future Classic sent the video clip out in their email.

  4. Isn’t this piano line also used in Miami Horror’s “I Look to You”? What’s this sample?

  5. i don’t think samwise was showing off, no one accused you of not knowing Guns n Bombs, you sound really competitive and with an inferiority complex, all he did was give back info on one of the guys from Poolisde

  6. @greeksaviour
    I think you’ve read into something that isnt there. Your comment reads like you are a friend of this guy too. Take your own advice and ‘chillax’.

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