Mar 212011

Rainbows Of Death are Australian producers John-Paul Tablot (Isaac Tichauer) and Sameer Sengupta (Pocket 808). Quite sometime ago we got very excited about a remix they did of DCUP’s “Style” because it was a very good remix, we sort of last track of them after that though…

Rainbows Of Deathは John-Paul Tablot (Isaac Tichauer)とSameer Sengupta (Pocket 808)オーストラリア人2人で結構前にDCUPの”Style”リミックスでちょっと気になっていた人たちなんですが、それ以来はあんまり何も動きがなかったようです。

However, the guys over at French Express dropped us an email to let us know they’ve just released the new single from Rainbows Of Death, a spooky disco track called ‘Sacrifice’, which has re-ignited our interest and then some.. check it!

ところが French Expressから彼らがシングルをリリースしたとのメールをもらいまして、’Sacrifice’のおかげでまたまた注目度が一気に上がってきました。是非是非聞いてみてください!Rainbows of Death – Sacrifice by FRΞNCH ΞXPRΞSS

Pick it up on iTunes!


Bonus Round
Download - Cassian –
I Like What You’re Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix)
Preview -

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