Dec 072010

We’ve already posted a pretty sweet remix of Miami Horror’s “I Look To You” and now things are going to get sweeter with not one, but two remixes from Tim Fuchs whose last remix was co-piloted by Flight Facilities. Tim’s flying alone on these and he’s showing he’s a top gun.*

既にMiami Horror、”I Look To You”の素敵なリミックスを以前にポストしましたが、更に良いものを2つ発見しちゃったのでポストしない訳にはいきません。どちらもTim Fuchsによるもので、どうやらFlight Facilitiesも参加しているとか。是非ともチェックしてみて下さーい。おススメ。

Download - Miami Horror – I Look To You (Tim Fuchs Remix) [M]
Preview -

Download - Miami Horror – I Look To You (Tim Fuchs Make Out Remix) [M]
Preview -

*Really sorry for the shit puns. :-p

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  1. I can’t decide which one is better. Both so funky.

  2. Great remixes! Funky as hell….and by the way…nice puns :P

  3. aw yeeauh, make out remix makes my day. thanks tms!

  4. i want to swim in these remixes!

    so fucking sexy with grooves making my willy hard

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