Jul 232010

100% NOT FAKE!!


Download – Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 1
Preview -

Download – Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 2
Preview -

Download - Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 3
Preview -

Download - Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 4
Preview -

Download - Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 5
Preview -

Download - Daft Punk – Tron Teaser 6
Preview -

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  1. well it does have very Tron and movie soundtrack feel to it. That CD looks ridiculous though, it isnt like its produced by Boys Noize is it?

  2. You can heard all of this on the tron website sean.

    Whateva, i’m disappointed, it’s not bad for an OST… but i hoped something else, like a real studio album in the tron spirit, but nope, that sounds like a ost, a good ost i agree.

    P-E-R-I-S !

  4. It’s the real deal six tracks have been sent to a Radio Station in America !

  5. You rule! Thanks for getting these up. These tracks are awesome. The Daft Punk signature it definitely embedded deep within these tracks and if you’ve heard any of them in an actual theater, you know that the complete soundtrack is going to bone chillingly good. Can’t wait…

  6. Haha, great photo. Still, I love the music from the Tron trailer…


  8. Love Daft punk but this could be the music from one of several sci fi action movies..Was expecting something more, DP usually blow my socks off. Fail.

  9. It’s funny how people have been expecting a full on studio album, almost forgetting that it’s a soundtrack for a movie.

    If it was a studio album I’d be disapointed. But for a sountrack, it sounds good. I can’t wait to see them film.

  10. It’s soundtrack music. It’s fitting for the movie, sounds nice and will work perfectly. I don’t think we need to hear any robot vocals on this. It’s just another notch in their belt of their capabilities. Couldn’t expect any more or any less. Can’t wait to see/hear the whole thing together.

  11. Fu/&& SWEETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Track 5 is insanely good

  12. excellent!! great job 100% not fake..but this isn´t like me too much, i spect that the rest of the traks sounds better :(

  13. Good tracks, but absolutely cinematic music. They will sound awesome in combination with the movie. People shouldn’t expect their usual party sound, this stuff is for the screen.
    Bangalter’s track for irreversible sounded like shit, but it suited the movie.

  14. To anyone who feels there isn’t enough Daft Punk in it, clearly isn’t a Daft Pink fan. Also, if you knew anything these are just a few; other tracks that are transition scene designed aren’t sampled here. Otherwise these are still pretty good tracks.

  15. movie sound is best but is very noisy!!!!!!!!

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