Jul 162010

A week ago we posted on LexiconDon and their track ‘December Sunset’, it is a track that we like very much. However, we were holding back slightly because we knew about the amazing remixes. Josh & Kyle (Binary overloads) have now removed the crossbows away from our heads and we can now talk about the amazing remixes. Phew!

一週間前LexiconDonの ‘December Sunset’をポストしました。私たちもとても気に入ったトラックです。そしてこのトラックには素敵なリミックスも存在してるのを知ってるんですが、なんせ Josh & Kyleがカウベルを引っこ抜いてしまったようなのでちょっとどうしようかなーなんて思ってたりしたのです。

First up is the remix from U-Tern, this is deservedly doing the rounds quite heavily in the blogosphere. It transforms the track into well, Duran Duran, good Duran Duran, not old, should stop now srsly, Duran Duran.

でも紹介します。こちらはU-Ternによるものでブログの間でも結構紹介されてるようですよ。トラックをなんだかDuran Duranチックに仕上げた感じで、もちろん良いときのDuranDuran。これ以上悪いものは作らないでね、DuranDuran。

Download - LexiconDon – December Sunset (U-Tern Remix)
Preview -

And then we have a remix from the ever-incredible Keenhouse, I think we’ve talked at great length about how fantastic Keenhouse is on many occasions. heh. This remix is sooooo smooth that you will need to go out and buy a cigar after hearing it, then return home, play it again and smoke the cigar whilst listening.


Download - LexiconDon – December Sunset (Keenhouse Remix)
Preview -

December Sunset is taken from their debut album Pink + Blue. Its coming out August 24th on dubFrequency/Binary.

Dceember Sunsetは彼らのデビューアルバムPink + Blueに収録されていて、こちらはdubFrequency/Binaryから8月24日にリリース。

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  1. That U-Tern remix is all sorts of sexy. Good to see a new remix from him.

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