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Work It Baby is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with the release of huuuuuge compilation. Because we’re slightly opportunistic we used this to get an interview with label owner and producer extraordinaire Kris Menace…..

Work It Babyが10周年の記念としてかなりビックなコンピレーションをリリースします。コレを気にTMSも何かスペシャルな事が出来ないかと思った結果Kris Menaceのインタビューが実現しちゃいました!

Work It Baby is celebrating it’s tenth year with a compilation. Has the time just flown by or has it really felt like ten years?
Time flies… I also cant believe it myself. When I registered Work It Baby and the logo, it was January 2000. It feels like yesterday…

Work It Babyの10周年記念コンピレーションということですがこの10年間あっという間でしたか?
時間はあっという間に過ぎるね。自分でも信じられないよ。Work It Babyとそのロゴを登録したのは200年の1月だったんだけど昨日のように感じるよ。

The label has released tracks from from the likes of Fred Falke, Savage, Patrick Alavi & Serge Santiago, how did these happen? Do you approach them or do they approach you?
They all come on their knees and offer me sexual services if i would release a track from them ;). No honestly… I’ve known all of the artists for a while and sometimes it happens that friends are showing friends new music, especially when these friends are musicians.

レーベルからはFred FalkeやSavage, Patrick Alavi, Serge Santiago等のリリースがありましたがどういう感じで実現したのですか?自分から、それともアーティストからのアプローチだったんですか?
皆跪いてリリースしてくれたら卑猥なサービスを差し上げますってオファーしてきたよ・笑 どのアーティストも知り合いだし友達の流れで実現したりするものだよ。

I know it will be hard to pick, but what has been your favourite release on the label?
I would say the wib020 ;) you get the whole package in one release!


What can we expect from the label in the future? Will there be a Work It Baby 20th year comp?
I have no idea. work it baby is not really planned like other labels. If there is a great tune, we release it if not, we just relax and wait…

今後レーベルはどんな感じに向かう予定ですか?Work It Babyの20周年リリースなんかもありそうですか?
正直まだ解らないね。work it babyは他のレーベルみたいに計画的な感じではないから何かいいものがあったらリリースするしって感じでリラックスしているよ。

As a producer your remixes are constantly in demand, how do you choose a project to work on? Do you ever have to turn away tracks that you really like?
As a remixer there are tracks i denied to remix, because i haven’t felt the original or it might have been too close already to my style. As a producer, i always just pick up the ideas i really like. as an artist i have the freedom to do what i wanna do, so i´m doin what i feel.


Are you ever surprised by something you’ve remixed, how the remix ends up sounding?
Sometimes i have an idea in my head when i start and in the end it sounds totally different as i just tried something during the work which turns out to be nicer than the idea when i started.


Does your remix work interfere with you making your own productions? Do you seperate the work?
No, its not really interfering. But, yeah remixing is more of a challenge than producing own music. The problem is that you are very limited to what people expect from you, what the a&r from the record company wants, what the band is looking for and of course the parts you get. To work around that is more of a hassle than doing your own tracks, but in the end i love doing both.



You’ve collaborated with artists such as Felix Da Housecat, Fred Falke & Alan Braxe. How was it to work with these artists? Did you ever have disagreements? Did you learn things from them?
I always need to know a person before i work with him, so it’s more of a friendship going on. So, no, there never was any disagreements. we were always sitting in the studio, holding hands and singing melodies… ;). If you work with other people, you always learn different things. That can be very helpful sometimes…

Felix Da Housecat, Fred Falke & Alan Braxeなんかとコラボをしていますがどんな感じでしたか?意見の食い違い、または彼らから学んだことなんかありますか?

Is there anybody who you would like to do a track with sometime?
There are a lot of artists i like, but i just take things as they happen.


Which artist would you tip for having big success this year?
No idea… too many new artists are out there. Too many talented people hanging around. Too many releases. It’s hard time for the music industry. But promotionally I should say that check out for “black van” on dfa! ;)

解らないなぁ・・沢山アーティストが出てきてるからね。そして才能がある人も沢山いるしリリースもありすぎるし音楽業界も難しい時代だよね。でも“black van” on dfaは是非ともチェックしてほしいね!

Which artist would you hope doesn’t have success this year? ;-)
Uhhh, i dont like to judge! So i better shut my mouth!


What would you prefer, a spy car that flies or a spy car that goes underwater?
Only a spy car that could do both of course!


The Work It Baby 10th anniversary compilation is out now as a digital download or double CD package. Hit Amazon to buy the physical or hit Beatport for digital.

Work It Babyの10周年コンピレーションはデジタル、ダブルCDの両方でリリース。CDはAmazonで そしてデジタルはBeatportにてゲットしましょう。

Kris Menace & Fred Falke – Enamoured [M]

Bonus -
Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix) [M]

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