Sep 252009

Miike Snow have certainly been hard to avoid this year, they’ve been bloody everywhere. Tiga has also been very busy, it was only a matter of time till their paths crossed and they’ve done so in style with this remix. It’s sounds a little bit :-/ at first, but by the fourth listen the :-/ becomes a :-).

Miike Snowは今年避けても避けられない人物と言えるでしょう。Tigaも負けずと大忙しですがどうやらこのリミックスはその過酷なスケジュールの中作られたようです。初めて聞くとあんまり・・・な感じですが聞いてくうちに耳に馴染んでくるリミックスです。

Miike Snow on Amazon

Miike Snow – Black & Blue (Tiga Remix) [M]

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