Feb 102009

It’s that time again! We’re recieving more stuff than ever at the moment, so be patient if we haven’t blogged you yet or responded to your emails. It takes some time :-)! Here are the things we’ve been most impressed with this week.


Pink Is Punk hail from Milan and sent us this rather cool remix of Mr. Oizo’s Postif, they have a whole bunch of nice stuff over at their myspace too. Listen to this and then head over there yo!
Mr.Oizo – Postif (Pink Is Punk Remix)

ミラノから届いたPink Is PunkによるMr. OizoのPostif。マイスペースでも色々チェックできます。

Avian X sent us these remixes by Designer Drugs of her track “Dark Circles” which was very nice of her, the original which you can hear at the myspace is also worth listen.
Avian X – DARK CIRCLES (Designer Drugs – Club Mix)
Avian X – Dark Circles (Designer Drugs Vocal Mix)

“Dark Circles” Designer Drugsのリミックスを送ってくれたAvian X 。ありがとう。マイスペースでオリジナルもきけますよ。

DJ SexWax is an up and coming DJ/Producer from Sydney and he sent us his remix of the Ladyhawke track “Back Of The Van”, it takes a while to explode but when it does (2:22 ish) it EXPLODES! POW!
Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (SexWax Remix)

シドニーでこれから来そうなDJ兼プロデューサーのDJ SexWaxによるLadyhawkeの “Back Of The Van”リミックス。2分22秒ころから炸裂します。

Cleast Eatwood are from Sweden and possibly dyslexic. They hit us with a cover of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel” which reminds us very much of the Danish band Mew. This cover is pratically dying for a remix to be done to it.
Cleast Eatwood – Electric Feel (MGMT Cover)

スウェーデンからのCleast EatwoodMGMT“Electric Feel”のカバーを送ってくれました。とってもMewを思い出しますがリミックスに飽きた方にはお勧め。

Mass Games is from Thailand and has made some dark electro tracks using samples “Learn to Speak English” CD’s. This track is well worth a listen.
Mass Games – Riding A New Wave

タイ(!)からのMass Gamesによるトラックは発想がユニークで、英語のテキストについてるCDをサンプルとして使ったトラックです。

Mr Wyse sent us his “nice” edit of Royksopp’s “Happy Up Here and that is precisely what it is, very nice! Thanks dude!
Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Mr Wyse Nice Edit)

Mr WyseによるRoyksoppHappy Up Hereのエディットバージョン。どうもありがとう!

Finally… Death To The Throne sent us an email, asking us to blog something as being called “the new mia track” such is Sebastiannes hatred for Mia and link not working it never came to fruition but there is nothing quite like his remix of M83… seriously good.
M83 – Teen Angst (Death To The Throne Remix)

Death To The Throne が紹介してくれたMiaの新曲は個人的な理由でポストしたくなかったのと、リンクもちゃんとしてなかったので載せませんが、 M83の方はとっても素敵だったのでどうぞ。

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